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The approach of the Italian Factory of Design, midway between industry and art, has gradually seen Alessi attract the interest of museums of applied arts and design worldwide. Indeed many exhibitions have been organised over the years to showcase the company’s work. With its continuous experimentation, Alessi has produced a vast and interesting range of prototypes down the years that, together with its historic items and the numerous objects it has collected over the decades from across the world, offer a valuable snapshot of the history of design. The aim of the Alessi Museum, opened in the spring of 1998, is to conserve and showcase all the objects, designs, images and materials of all types that document the company’s history and research.


The Alessi Museum runs a series of cultural activities on the company’s history and projects, with temporary exhibitions, loans, research, publications and lectures ... These activities are conducted in association with international museums of design and international contemporary art, and with academic and cultural institutions. The Alessi Museum is one of the founders of Museimpresa, the Italian association of museums and business archives (


The Alessi Museum houses objects and prototypes, drawings, photographs, press releases, publications, monographs, periodicals and catalogues from Alessi and other companies, documenting the history of the home and of Italian design.

30.000 Objects

19.000 Drawings

20.000 Photographs

1.000 Designers

5.000 Books